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The Popeyes restaurant carries out the TellPopeyes survey to know the opinions of its customers. It also allows them to share their bad experiences if any. Based on customer feedback in general, they make the necessary changes to their products and services. Changes are made to amplify customer satisfaction.

If you want to do this research, you need to know the process and all other requirements. And we discuss the same in this post. To participate in the survey, you must visit tellpopeyes.com, the official website of the Popeyes survey.

TellPopeyes Survey or Official Support

Steps to Enter the TellPopeyes Survey

Step 1: Make a purchase at Popeyes

To participate in the TellPopeyes survey, you must purchase at one of the Popeyes stores as billing information is required which is stamped on the purchase receipt. A receipt is valid for three or four months from the date of the visit or purchase.

Step 2: Visit the official site

The next step is to visit the official website of the survey: www.tellpopeyes.com. You can answer the survey questions on this site.

Step 3: Select the desired language

Since this survey is available in two languages i.e. English and Spanish, you must select the language in which you want to complete the survey. The default survey language is English, but you can easily change it to Spanish.

Step 4: Input the receipt details

After selecting the language, you must enter the details on the receipt, including the restaurant number, time and date, and the total bill.

Step 5: Answer the questions

Click the Start button after entering the correct information printed on the receipt. After this, you will be directed to the page which displays a list of questions. As your each feedback counts, please make sure you answer all those questions honestly. Your feedbacks are important and will help improve the Popeyes to provide good meals and services.

The Perks and Rewards of TellPopeyes Survey

Participation in TellPopeyes Survey also makes you a part of lucky draw. TellPopeyes Survey can make you the winner of $1000 cash prize, followed by coupons making you eligible for free meals and chicken on your next visit.

Nothing can be better than a free Popeyes item from its world-famous menu.  You can enjoy your favourite food for free and help the restaurant improve its service!

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