TellPopeyes Survey is offered by Popeyes as an opportunity for customers to participate in the customer feedback survey through the official website at

Popeyes thanks you with some lucrative prizes and rewards on the successful completion of the TellPopeyes survey. A chance to win $ 1000 after completion of the survey using a sweepstakes program for the participants and all it requires is a validation code that helps you claim 2 pieces of free chicken and a cookie.

Popeyes has launched TellPopeyes which can be accessed at to analyze its services and get genuine feedback from the customers.

  • Kindly note that the reward received from the TellPopeyes is valid only for 30 days from the completion of the survey.

Official Survey or Official Support

TellPopeyes Survey mainly focuses on:

  • The satisfaction of their customers
  • Cleanliness of the restaurant
  • The locality of the restaurant
  • Quality and freshness of the food
  • Friendliness of the staff
  • Is Popeyes recommended from your point of view?
  • The number of your visits to the restaurant
Official NameTellPopeyes
CountryThe United States
Rewards$1000 gift card
SpecialityRoasted Chicken

How to take TellPopeyes Survey?

Before initiating the TellPopeyes Survey, you need to follow some basic steps. Have a look at the steps explained below:

  • To begin the survey, open the link which redirects you to the official website on your mobile phone or in your computer’s browser.
  • When you open the TellPopeyes website, the home screen and some instructions regarding the procedure of the survey will be displayed.
  • Select your desired language. You can conduct this survey in two languages i.e. English and Spanish. The Espanol button allows you to change the language to Spanish.
  • Now, have a look at the order receipt you received during your last visit to one of Popeyes’s restaurants.
  • Enter the details stamped on the receipt such as Restaurant number, Date and Time of the visit and total amount spent on the survey form and tap Start.
  • Now, start the Popeyes survey by answering questions about your order, your satisfaction with food, staff service, the quality of cleanliness, etc.
  • Once the TellPopeyes survey is completed, you will receive a verification code to receive the free food reward from the company.

TellPopeyes Survey requirements:

The Popeyes Visitor Experience Survey aims to gather relevant information that helps the brand provide a better service. It is important to ensure that the feedbacks and opinions given by you are utilized in the maximum possible way to increase customer satisfaction.

  • The Popeyes survey is available online at This means that you must have a stable internet connection on your phone or computer to participate.
  • To participate in the survey, you must have information such as the restaurant number, date, time and total amount. No need to worry regarding it as all these data are printed on your order receipt received during your last visit and.
  • Tell Popeyes is open to customers who can read English or Spanish.
  • You need to be a legal resident of the United States in order to participate in this online survey.
  • The minimum age of 18 is fixed if you want to be a part of the TellPopeyes Survey.
  • The price you receive after the survey is valid in any of the Popeyes restaurants within 30 days of the survey.
  • You can share your feedback online by or dialling 1-877-POPEYES. Survey Restrictions:

  • You will not be eligible for the TellPopeyes Survey if it is known that your age is below 18 years.
  • If you are an employee who currently works in one of the Popeyes restaurants, you cannot participate in the survey. In addition, family members of the Popeyes employees and its advertising and promotional partners are not eligible to participate in this customer survey.
  • If you try to give the incorrect information falsify or change the TellPopeyes survey, your registration at will be cancelled.
  • After shopping at one of the Popeyes stores, you only have 48 hours to complete the online customer experience survey and claim the prize.

TellPopeyes Customer Services and Contacts:

Popeyes is a fast food restaurant having roasted chicken as a specialty on its menu. This chain, known as Popeyes, is famous worldwide. They have well-established branches in the United States, Asia, and Europe. The number of the chain goes to more than 2900 today. The lucrative menu of Popeyes steals the attention and interest of the customers. This menu sets this restaurant apart from other fast-food companies.

Hurry up and visit today and try your luck. Maybe you are the next winner. If you have problems with this portal, do not hesitate to contact them. They are always keen to help you out if you have any problem while accessing TellPopeyes Survey.

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