Survey Questions

Popeye’s Restaurant has come up with the latest online survey and comment site at in order to analyze its services. You can visit via your cell phone or PC. It hardly takes 5 minutes to complete this survey. Successful completion of survey may gift you some free chicken pieces. You just need to follow some steps to be a part of the Tellpopeyes survey.

What are the questions asked in TellPopeyes Survey?

Various aspects are covered in the Popeyes Survey questionnaire. It is not possible to provide an exact set of questions, as they vary from place to place and restaurant to restaurant. Still, have a look at some aspects from which questions are covered:

  • Staff behavior
  • The smoothness of the billing procedure
  • Weather item availability was satisfactory.
  • How was the food quality?
  • Was served order accurate?
  • Was the taste of our food satisfactory?
  • Price of the food
  • How often do you visit the restaurant?
  • Are our restaurants clean and hygienic?
  • Was the served food fresh?
  • What are your overall satisfactory ratings?

What is the need of the TellPopeyes Survey?

Why would you waste your precious 5 minutes on this survey? Have a look at some of the objectives of the Popeyes survey below:

  • The primary motive of TellPopeyes Survey is knowing what do customers actually want?
  • Analyzing the food, cleanliness, staff behavior of the Popeyes. These analyses will enable Popeyes to provide satisfactory services on a regular basis.
  • TellPopeyes survey helps the company identifying the work of staff members and managers.
  • Negative feedback from customers makes the company understand their performance and the amendments needed in the same.

We hope reading this article helps you out with the questions asked in this survey. Our comment section is open for you in case of any queries or issues. Stay blessed!