The sole purpose of the TellPopeyes survey by the Popeyes restaurant is knowing the opinion of the customers. It also enables them to share their negative experiences if any. They strive to make their food better if customers are not happy with it.  Changes are made to enhance customer satisfaction.

What does Tellpopeyes Survey give me?

Well, this is a valid question to ask. The Tellpopeyes survey offers you some gift cards. You just need to give the consent of your participation in the lucky draw. Have a look at some key points related to the same:

  • Successful completion of the survey gives you the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw.
  • Kindly keep visiting the official website to know the name of the winner.
  • In case, you are lucky enough to win you will also be informed via email.
  • Your participation may make you the winner of a $1000 gift card.
  • Please note that this gift card is not transferrable.
  • Also, this gift card will be valid for a specified period of time.

A small guide for TellPopeyes Survey

Now, you must be eager to participate in the survey. But, before initiating this survey kindly have a look at some basic things required:

  • A PC or a laptop with an active and stable internet connection.
  • Your last visit receipt.
  • Just a basic knowledge of English or Spanish language.

Some questions asked in TellPopeyes Survey

You must be wondering, what sort of questions will be inquired in this survey. Don’t panic a bit and have a glimpse of the questions asked in the Popeyes Survey:

  • Was the delivered order matching to your order?
  • How was the food quality?
  • Taste of the food ordered.
  • Are food prices reasonable at Popeyes?
  • Are our restaurants clean enough to eat with mental peace?
  • Repetitions of your visit at the Popeyes restaurant.
  • Was the behavior of the staff satisfactory?
  • How was the freshness of served food?
  • How much are you satisfied with your experience at Popeyes?

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and visit and be a part of the TellPopeyes survey to win some lucrative rewards.